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Types of Dirty Talk Phrases a Girl Can Use

Talking dirty is one of the most effective ways you can blow his mind away during sex. I am a very dirty talker myself, in fact at some point I screamed and talked so loudly that it attracted the wall and door banging by the neighbors. However, a couple of days after that incident, two neighbor girls approached me and wanted to know how I could do that and whether I could give them some examples of dirty talk phrases they can use because their sex lives were at an all-time low and monotonous. I have written a couple of articles on talking dirty and how you can perfect it, in this post I will provide you with a few examples that you will find beneficial in improving your sex life.

Types of dirty talk phrases
First off, there are three types of dirty talk phrases. They are categorized into descriptions, instructions and feelings.

Descriptions are basically phrases you use to express what you think, what you expect or what you want. Examples are:
- I'd give the world to fuck you all night long.
- You are so hard, now I want to feel you connected to me, I want your cock inside me right now.
- You touching my body drives me crazy, the feel of the touch of your fingers, your lips and your tongue is amazing.

These are dirty talk phrases that you use to let your man know how you feel. This is often a state your partner will not know unless you let them know. Examples are:
- I feel so hot and wet.
- I am so horny right now.
- You feel amazing inside me.
- I feel so good and so alive right now.

You already know what instructions are. These are what you want your partner to do to you sexually. Examples are:
- Pass your finger over my lips.
- C'mon, I want you to undress me.
- Hmmm, yes, you are doing it right, please don't stop, keep going.
- I want to feel you inside me right now, give it to me baby.

Don't be too scared of messing up!
Being a master in talking dirty is not so easy but anyone with an open mind can be. To master the art, you have to be willing to experiment - there are no lessons offered anywhere on talking dirty during sex and you just have to learn through trial and error. Most girls make the mistake of expecting perfection on first attempt and when it doesn't turn out as they expected, they become discouraged and disappoint. Because you are reading this, it means you are preparing well and should not be too scared of making a mistake. You will have to talk dirty a couple of times before you feel confident and relaxed enough to let it flow naturally. At first, you and your man may feel conscious and uncomfortable but this is normal, the objective is to practice and improve over time.

You are the girl, you will start the dirty talk
Talking dirty, truth be told, is not really a man's thing, it's yours to start. You should practice and know when to use the different types of dirty talk phrases. Once you perfect the art of talking dirty and you and your man will be in sync emotionally and physically amidst the dirty talking, you will be amazed just how talking filthy will drive your man mad with lust and passion. Try it today, find out what phrases in to use and start simple, everything falls in place with time.

Maya is a dirty girl, and she is sharing some of the best dirty talk tips with you. There however is a lot more you need to know about talking dirty to improve your sex life and relationship. Go to to find professional advice, tips and guidelines on talking dirty.

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Choosing Your First Vibrator

Picking a vibe or almost any sex toy the very first time can be a very intimidating possibility but there is however nothing to be concerned with. Whilst there are a number of physical shops in towns and cities sex shops which retail vibrators, to avoid any prospective awkwardness and source of discomfort it's a good idea to shop online considering not only will you not have to be one on one with any individual shop assistants you can also be certain of entire discretion as your package will be delivered in an unmarked card board box or padded envelop depending on the scale.

Exactly what is the ideal vibe for a newcomer?

It is all down to personal choice however if you are not familiar with vibrating adult sex toys then sizing is important and small-scale is virtually always your best option for the inexperienced. Small vibrators will often be a very good beginning point because they are discreet, make fantastic gifts and so are in most cases one of the least expensive types of vibe available to choose. A great number of small vibrators are for sale for less than £10 which makes them a great deal. Since of course, adult toys and vibes may not be for everyone so should you discover that a vibrator actually isn't suitable for you after you have tried it, then you won't end up being too out of pocket for those who decide upon a low priced variation. What smaller sized vibrators are lacking in proportions they more than compensate for in effectiveness. Just because they're smaller, doesn't mean that these kinds of vibes can't produce fabulous orgasms. One particular vibrator is the Little Vibrating Softee that measures five ins in overall length, offers a lifelike penis look, is comfortably underneath £10 and in addition comes equipped with changeable speed configurations. For those who are not prepared to go for multispeed vibrators right away, singular speed versions are also available.

Exactly what should the vibe be made from?

Again this is all down to personalized preference although vibes which have a jelly or even a silicone covering actually are considerably softer on the skin when compared with harder metal or glass counterparts. Jelly is actually a less expensive option in comparison with silicone but silicone vibes are better-known for their permanence and robustness whilst their jelly equivalents are not made to last forever. Furthermore it is definitely worth observing the fact that vibrators which have a tapered end are great for the inexperienced simply because this means they are much easier to insert in to either the vaginal area or the rectum.

Are bullet vibrators a good alternative to compact vibrators?

The typical bullet vibe has dimensions of in the region of 2 ins total length when compared to standard small scale vibe that measures between four and 5 ins in insertable length causing it to be just the thing for new vibrator users. Bullet vibrators come either with control devices connected or as cordless units and are available both in changeable speed and single speed models. Bullets may also be used to stimulate the nipples or simply for a all round massager. Bullets range in price level from as little as £10 up-wards to over the £50 mark. A good cheap example is the Power Bullet which measures merely 2.25 inches in total length, is water-proof, is sold at underneath £10 and possesses three different speed settings from which to select. Once more, the lower price end of the marketplace is a great place for starters prior to choosing to advance to higher end designs.

Small scale vibrators together with bullets are not just fantastic to utilise on their own as solo products but also make fantastic sexual aids suitable for couples to make use of together in order to add something just a little varying to their partnership. The most important thing to be aware of when it comes to vibrators is to always start off compact and after that work your way up to greater vibrators!

Amy Shepherd works in marketing for Venus Sales Ltd, a UK based online retailer operating a number of retail sites including Sinful Sensations who stock mini vibrators.

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Ways to Talk Dirty to Your Man

If you feel timid about dirty talking, you shouldn't be; It is just like sex itself - everyone knows about it, everyone is doing it, but only the two of you actually know the detailed specifics about it. Most people wish they were better in bed but the things that they want, or those that they want their partners to say or do remain in the dark because they do not talk about them. The freer you are with your partner about sex and what you expect or want, the more adventurous your sex life will be. This applies to, among other things, dirty talking.

You may think that you are a 'good girl' and do not need to talk dirty because your man loved you for what you were. My take on this is that if you or your man has preferences in bed, then the only way to make sex more fulfilling is to explore these 'preferences'. If I am not wrong, your man will totally love dirty talking as it eliminates the monotony of quiet sex and when you see him enjoying himself I am certain you too will have more fun knowing that your man is experiencing the best of what you have to offer.

I should clear one thing though, dirty talking is not all about insults, derogatory words and phrases that amount to abuses; dirty talking can be soft moaning and telling your man how good you are feeling. It can also be telling your man what to do to make you enjoy sex more or simply putting in words what is going on in your head during the lovemaking session. If you are not sure what to say during sex or you are a beginner who have tried a few phrases but need more confidence, here are a few things you can try the next time you and your man are getting it on:

- During foreplay, tell him what you are wearing or tell him you are not wearing anything underneath.

- During sex, tell him how you feel inside, and be sure to credit him for that. Love men having their egos stroked, you cannot go wrong with this just as long as you stay realistic.

- Moaning softly is one of the best forms of dirty talk. Your man loves to know that his efforts are having an effect, show this through movements and verbally.

Whatever dirty talk phrases you use, know that this is an art that you perfect over time. If it does not work out so well the first time, you will get to know what your man likes and you will adjust accordingly.

Maya is a dirty girl, and she is sharing some of the best dirty talk tips with you. There however is a lot more you need to know about talking dirty to improve your sex life and relationship. Go to to find professional advice, tips and guidelines on talking dirty.

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How to Make Your Penis Longer by 1-3 Inches Naturally and Become More Confident!

How to make your penis longer? Does size really matter? These are all very common questions and I am sure every guy has thought about these questions. The truth is that the penis has always been an important symbol of the masculinity and power. Thousands of phallus representations throughout history from all over the world, confirm the importance of the penis. For a grown-up man, the penis is the most important organ, especially when it comes to self-esteem, confidence and physical appearance. In many ways penis size matters and there are a large number of men, who could really benefit from a longer penis.

But why are so many men interested in making their penis longer and thicker? The vast majority of men do not have a real medical problem. If your penis is less than 2.8 inches long, then you have a micropenis and have a medical problem. But this does not make men feel any better and nobody really wants to be below average or average. It is very important for most men, to have a longer penis for psychological reasons.

When you see someone with a bigger penis than you have, especially during early age, then it can have a big effect on you. When your girlfriend has mentioned that she has had boyfriends, that have had a longer and thicker penises, then it does affect you. For a lot of people that might seem silly and kind of primitive to think like that, but it is reality. The feelings of inferiority and inadequacy are very hard to break.

Is it possible to make your penis longer and also thicker naturally? The answer is yes! Penis enlargement is possible, although there are many methods that do not work. One of the main reasons why most people think that penis enlargement is not possible, is because of all the spam e-mails and ridiculous advertisements, that claim a person can make their penis longer by 3 inches in 3 weeks. All kinds of patches and pills are not effective and have no real long-term effect. Some pills might help you increase blood flow to the penis, but that does not make your penis longer. So what does work?

It is possible to make your penis longer with penis enlargement exercises. There are a few male enhancement communities online like pegym and thundersplace, which have many thousands of members and many hundreds of success stories. Are all these guys making it all up? No, their stories are real and so are penis enlargement exercises. Just because everyone is not able to gain an inch in 2-3 months, does not mean penile exercises don`t work.

But why is it possible to make your penis longer with penis enlargement exercises? Ho do these exercises really work and why aren`t they popular? Ho do penile exercises enlarge penis size is not that well known. But every part of the body has the ability to respond to external stimulus. When you stimulate your chest muscles with weight training exercises, then your chest muscles will get stronger and larger. The same concept applies to penis enlargement as well - you apply external stimulus to your body by doing specific penile exercises and if you do them correctly and consistently, then your penis will get longer and thicker. And since it takes time and effort to make your penis longer with penile exercises, they are less popular.

Is it possible to gain an inch in length? Yes it is! Is it possible to gain 2-3 inches in length? Well, that depends on your genetics, desire, routines, workouts, consistency and so on. There have been quite a few guys who have gained 3 inches in length. Utopia from the pegym forum said:"The real trick s to convince yourself that one missed workout will lead to the next. Skipping training-even every once in a while-will leave you with double amount the time needed, not to mention a bad feeling about yourself." You need to be focused and consistent to make big gains!

The truth is that size does matter! Learn how to grow a penis bigger by 1-3 inches with effective, safe, natural and cheap penile exercises. Check out the review of the best penile exercise programs and guides online!

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What Do Swingers Look Like?

Swingers look just like everyday people. So when you next visit the local shopping centre, anyone you see there could be a swinger. That is what swingers really look like - just your regular everyday person because that is what they are when they are not swinging.

The level of fitness and body shape / size of individuals varies greatly in the swinging lifestyle. There is every shape and size imaginable but the bottom line is that there definitely is someone for everyone who is looking. Some people do take very good care of themselves by eating well and exercising regularly. But it comes down to how comfortable you are in your own skin and the air of confidence you have. If you are comfortable with your own body appearance then that will show and your playmates will also notice.

Some swingers can tend to be a bit self-conscious of their bodies due to the fact that at some point in the near future they are going to be in a hot tub or club naked with others around them. So they feel the need to not get complacent with their appearance and to do something to keep themselves always looking good. Whether that be maintaining a tan or simply eating well and doing some regular exercise.

And some swingers tend to be self-critical when it comes to physical appearance. Again, we are going to be naked in front of other people so some swingers actually do care about this and will make effort to look after themselves, or take extra time to prepare for meeting up with others (eg: trimming hair, being extra clean etc... )

But regardless of how good shape you think you are in, there will be some in the lifestyle who will not find you attractive. Then again there will be some you find attractive and some you will not. Just like the outside life, there are personal preferences and we all have them, so don't take offence if someone in the lifestyle does not find you attractive.

Think back to when you were first dating someone. How did you look after your appearance then? Did you do any special grooming? Did you work extra hard at the gym for a while? Wear any special clothes? Well, swinging can be looked at in a similar context in that you are constantly meeting up with new people and you want to do your best to keep the odds in your favour of a positive outcome and some fun times ahead!

One of the best tips for you to improve your appearance is to keep your self-confidence high and to let it show - but just don't overdo it. When you meet people, do it in a confident manner instead of a timid manner. Even if you are not feeling confident you could 'fake it until you make it'. Act confident and you will be confident and you will be far more attractive to others.

The most important thing to know is that there are people in the lifestyle who are great fun to be around and then there are people who simply are not. Personal fitness has got nothing to do with how pleasant a character you are. If a couple is fun to be around then others are more likely to want to spend time with them. If you can have a few laughs and have decent conversation with the other couples, then you are more likely to enjoy your time spent with them and this will make them more attractive.

Most swinging couples would rather spend intimate time playing with others who are great people but not so physically attractive, than to play with attractive looking people who are not fun to be around.

Enjoy your time playing with those who are attracted to you and just forget about the ones who are not. At the end of the day 'attractiveness' is subjective.

For a more in-depth look why people swing and how to start, come and get your FREE 38 page guide at

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Sex Tips - Are You Making These Mistakes In The Bedroom With Your Woman? - Very Important Reading

In this article you are going to gain some valuable SEX TIPS that you will be able to use to quickly and easily increase the quality of the sex that you share with your woman.

As an additional bonus, you will also find that when you give your woman MUCH BETTER SEX, the rest of your relationship will work much better too. The fact is that when the sex is really good, it takes care of 90% of the rest of your relationship.

Not all of it.

But definitely 90%.

The first major mistake that most men make regarding sex is ASKING for sex and/or BEGGING for it. Guys who do this don't see the problem.

They want sex, so they ask for it.

But that's not how their women see it.

What their women see is a weak man, a man who has to ask for sex. What their women really want is a man who turns them on so much they cannot resist him.

If you want to have more sex with your woman, and better sex -- do not ask or beg for it.

Instead, you must be SEXUALLY DOMINANT and lead her in the bedroom.

And this leads us nicely into the second mistake most guys make in the bedroom...

Failing to TAKE CONTROL and lead their women.

In other words -- they fail to be sexually dominant. Women love sexually dominant men because women are submissive in the bedroom.

Therefore, if you want to make-love to your woman like a 'pro', you have to be DOMINANT. You have to take control and be the boss in the bedroom.

She'll love it when you do and hate it when you don't.

The third mistake most men make in the bedroom is failing to TALK DIRTY. Dirty talk isn't something you 'might like to give a go every now and then'.

Dirty talk is something you must do if you want to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEX. The kind she'll keep coming back for over and over again.

The fourth mistake most men make in bed is focusing too much on sex positions. The reality is that all positions are good, so long as they don't cause your woman any discomfort (leave those positions for the 'adult movie stars').

Here's the thing...

When you act DOMINANTLY, start TALKING DIRTY and you know some clever SEX TECHNIQUES -- you'll be able to get your woman off in whatever position you like.

HINT: It's not the position that gets her off. It's the combination of dominance, dirty talk and clever techniques.

By the way -- one of the most important things you must do to give your woman GREAT SEX is to give her vaginal orgasms. You will discover the exact SEX TECHNIQUES you can use to give your woman vaginal orgasms by clicking HERE.

Sexually Pleasing a Woman

What Every Girl Should Know About Dirty Talking

Are men really into women that talk dirty in the bedroom? If they are, how can you learn to talk dirty the right way - because like everything else, dirty talk can be the best thing to happen to your sex life or it can be the worst. We girls are an interesting lot, aren't we?

Most girls that I have talked to recently regarding dirty talking say that they love to please their partners in the bedroom but the greatest fear most have is losing control. I gathered that transforming from a prim and proper lady to an utter slut and naughty girl in the bedroom is hard, but it is possible.

The most important thing about dirty talking is that it is all about communication. Talking dirty is communicating your feelings and desires and instructing your partner what to do. For proper communication, you have to be free and relaxed and know your partner well enough to ascertain the things that turn them on and those that you should avoid.

The best suggestion I can give you is to start slowly - there is no need to push and act like a porn star on your first attempt because it may backfire on your face. Most girls will find that using certain words and phrases can be uncomfortable and may feel shy about it, but with time they discover how easy it is to just open up and express themselves. As I pointed out before, communication is the key to getting what you want and it is much easier for a girl to talk dirty than for a guy to.

I should also say that talking about dirty talking and sharing some sexual fantasies that you have will help you understand what your partner wants and him to know what to expect and what to do. While I was researching on this topic, I talked to a number of girls and most never make the effort to ask their men what they think about talking dirty - just like many other things regarding sex. The result is that there are things they want to say or things they want their partners to do but they never really get them.

Girls who have made the effort and perfected dirty talking please their men better than those who are silent in bed. I asked some boys too for their opinions on dirty talking and almost every one I asked admitted being turned on by one form of dirty talk or another. The bottom line is, men expect dirty talking - even if it is just moaning and swearing - from you, the girl. What will you do about it?

My name is Maya and I'm in mid 30s. I have a happy family and my sex life is better than perfect. I know a lot about sex, being a sexual therapist and knowing the importance of sex in a relationship or a marriage. My aim is to help men and women have better sex lives, be happy and make every sexual experience exciting and new. Find out more on on sex and talking dirty to enjoy your full sexual potential.

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Talking Dirty - 2 Big Mistakes Most Guys Make When They Try And How To Do It The Right Way

In this article we are going to discuss TALKING DIRTY in the bedroom.

The reality is that talking dirty is one of the best weapons you have for giving your woman INCREDIBLE PLEASURE in the bedroom.

If you take nothing else away from this article, please remember this FACT:

- For women, the stimulation between the ears is at least as important as the stimulation between the legs during sex

"YES", really -- mental stimulation is incredibly important for women and the way you stimulate your woman's mind DURING SEX is by TALKING DIRTY.

The problem is that whilst this technique is not very difficult to do correctly, most guys make a total mess of it. Let me take a second to clarify what I mean by 'a total mess'...

- They do it and their women LAUGH

- They do it and their women end up INSULTED

Either option is a disaster because instead of increasing their women's SEXUAL PLEASURE -- they've actually broken her state and 'turned her off'.

Not good.

Right now, let me share with you the 2 BIGGEST MISTAKES most men make when talking dirty that lead to their women laughing or ending up getting insulted.

1. They look nervous

Looking nervous simply leads to the woman not taking the guy seriously. This will very often lead to her laughing.

2. They forget to use the word 'my'

Saying this to your woman is likely to drive her crazy and she'll love it:

"You're my naughty little whore"

BUT, saying this to her will likely INSULT her:

"You're a naughty little whore"

See the difference?

Good, let's move on...

So now that you now how most men screw up dirty talk, let's talk about how to start talking dirty to your woman like a 'pro'.

When you do the following things, you'll find it easier than ever before to give your woman wild, screaming ORGASMS...

How To Talk To Your Woman In Bed

- Be confident in what you are saying

- When you are just 'getting her IN THE MOOD', only give her mild dirty talk

- The more turned on she gets, the DIRTIER you can talk

- Speak with a deeper voice than usual

When you do this in conjunction with the best sex techniques on the planet -- you'll give your woman vaginal orgasms so powerful she'll end up thinking you have a magic penis and she'll want you to 'take her' over and over again.

You see, the reality is that for most men -- they don't talk well to their women in bed and they don't know any really powerful SEX TECHNIQUES.

The outcome is that most men give their women lame sex. Without a voice and without some excellent techniques, there can, unfortunately, be no other outcome.

But you my friend, you're learning.

You now know how to start TALKING DIRTY to your woman the right way and please believe me when I tell you -- this has the power to send your woman over the edge and make her come very hard.

So hard if fact, she'll want you to do it time and time again.

But you must combine it with physical techniques.

The combination of physical techniques and dirty talk will lead to the most powerful orgasms ever for your woman. The kind of orgasms that most men will never give their women.

The most important orgasms you must get working in the bedroom are VAGINAL ORGASMS. Talking dirty whilst using the correct techniques is the best way to make this happen.

When you do make it happen, your woman will never even think about CHEATING on you (unlike the majority of women who have cheated to get better sex).

By the way -- to discover the exact sex techniques you need to use whilst TALKING DIRTY, in order to give your woman mind-blowing vaginal orgasms, simply click HERE.

Sexually Pleasing a Woman

What Should You Say When Talking Dirty?

Most girls often desire to, but few actually go through with talking dirty to their boyfriends or husbands in bed during sex. The biggest issue that girls have in this department is finding the words to use, but I have an answer for this. Here are a few suggestions I collected from a users' forum that you may find useful in guiding you start and perfect dirty talking.

1. Ask your man to tell you what to do and how he wants you to do it but don't be too nice about it. talking dirty is all about being explicit, free and open, don't be afraid of saying 'fuck me daddy' or 'my juicy wet pussy is throbbing just for you'. You have no idea how this kind of talk will turn him on. Although it may seem weird the first couple of times, just like anything else in a relationship, this can be perfected through practice.

2. Start with the basics. Every time I have sex with my boyfriend, it feels like a whole new experience because we start with the basics each time. He may ask me what I'm wearing and I reply nothing or lingerie (even when I'm not) and I ask him what he'd do to me if he laid his hands on me. This may go on for a while, the seduction comes naturally and when he comes over, I greet him with kisses at the door. Remember, dirty talking does not start in bed, it's a process that starts even before the seduction.

3. Tell him the things that you want him to do, but make them simple and reasonable. For example, you can tell him to kiss you or squeeze you tighter but remember to maintain a tone. Men are creatures that like challenges, challenging him that he can't do something will boost his confidence and make him want to. Remember though to give credit where its due, when he does something that makes you feel good be sure to tell them that.

4. Visualize what you have on your mind when describing how you feel to him. Since sex is all about feelings, this is what you should focus on when talking dirty. However, he may not really see or feel what you feel and it is up to you to express it in action and in words. Tell him about the tingling on your back, tell him how his hard cock feels in your pussy, tell him how sensational it feels to have his tongue in your mouth - it all builds what can be called perfected dirty talking techniques during sex.

5. Have you tried being thematic when talking dirty? This is particularly great if you do role playing. For instance, you can be a lady and he a gentleman, and talking dirty will go something like 'Excuse e sir, could you be kind enough to penetrate my vagina with your enormous member?' Theme is however built from the early stages of sex and if you can maintain it through the session, the better. Most popular themes are the prostitute and the trick when you want it rough, pirates, the teacher and student, coach and cheerleader and others.

There is no syllabus to follow when talking dirty, it's just one of those personal things that two people perfect over time. When you overcome the initial difficulties, you will know just how to go about, what to say and what your man wants to hear or responds best to. I hope these 5 points help you jumpstart a naughty but pleasurable sex life and improve your relationship in general.

Maya Collins is an expert when it comes to dirty talk, relationship building and sex. She can teach you how to talk dirty with confidence and she has successfully assisted many couples enjoy sex and build their relationships. Visit for more dirty talk techniques, tips and ideas.

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Female Sex-Drive: The Best Technique For Increasing Your Woman's Libido And Getting More Sex

In this article we are going to discuss the FEMALE SEX-DRIVE.

And if you're a guy who'd like to discover how to increase his woman's libido and get a lot more sex, this could be the most important thing you'll ever read...

I'd like you to take a second to honestly answer the following simple questions for me:

- Have you ever experienced a time when you wanted to have sex, but your woman did not?

- Have you ever experienced an extended period of your relationship (be it weeks, months or even years) where you wanted sex, but your woman did not?

If you are like most men, you'll have answered "YES" to at least the first question and possibly the last one too. But don't worry, help is at hand.

Keep reading and it will all become clear...

When a woman's sex-drive is LOW (or a lot lower than you'd like it to be), there is usually only one reason -- a reason that most men totally miss.

Have you any idea what that reason is?

In other words, do you know what the primary factor is that effects a woman's libido?

Well, the truth is that it's the QUALITY of the SEX that she is getting from her man, that most affects a woman's libido.

Said differently, if you want to increase your woman's sex-drive -- you have to give her BETTER SEX.

Much Better Sex.

The reality is that most men give their women sex that is less than satisfactory. So after a while, their women get bored of it (which is understandable) and they stop wanting to have sex.

Some of these women turn to masturbation, others CHEAT and some do both. (NOTE: A LOT of women cheat because they are desperate to find a man who can SEXUALLY SATISFY them).

So, here's the deal...

Most men give their women rubbish sex and the result is that their women have low sex-drives.

Pretty simple and it makes perfect sense when you think about it, right?

Anyway, right now I'd like to share the SECRETS to giving your woman GREAT SEX. When you apply these secrets and give her great sex -- her libido will shoot way up.

Pay attention...

To give your woman great sex and rapidly increase her sex-drive, you must:

- Be a sexually dominant man in the bedroom
- Talk dirty to her
- Be creative and adventurous and try new things out in bed, on a regular basis
- Give her vaginal orgasms during intercourse

NOTE: The last point on that list is by far the most important.

By the way -- To discover exactly how to give your woman vaginal orgasms, click HERE.

Sexually Pleasing a Woman

Monday, June 25, 2012

What Women Want In The Bedroom

It's important to understand that every woman has different sexual preferences; however there are many things you can do that are guaranteed to tip her over the edge. Too many guys jump right into sex, without any thought of getting her into the mood. Going down on a woman is one of the best things you can do to get her to climax.

The Art of Cunnilingus

Finding out what women want in bed is often seen as a mystery, but it really doesn't have to be that way. Every woman wants to feel admired and have that feeling that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Cunnilingus allows her to let go of everything. All the stresses and worries of the day will become a distant memory once you learn to bring her to a climax.

Slowly and softly

Just like rushing into sex many guys think they can go down on a woman and two minutes later she'll have an orgasm. This rarely happens. Firstly you need to make her feel comfortable. The best way to achieve this is to begin by slowly kissing her and not just on the lips.

Begin by kissing her neck and shoulders and try not to focus on just one side of her body. Many women's breasts can be extremely sensitive, so be sure to be gentle when kissing her on her breasts. It's also important to remember, that you should never bite her nipples, unless you know for sure she enjoys the pain element. As you work your way down her body softly kiss her stomach, you can also blow softly on the spots that you just kissed, this will help her to relax further.

As you near her vagina, it doesn't mean you have to go straight to it. Go past her vagina and kiss the inside of her thighs, this is a great way to get her begging for you to start licking her out.

Bringing her to a climax

When you finally get to her vagina, begin slowly. Gently lick her vagina, but only once or twice. Then kiss the inside of her thighs, this will only heighten her overall experience. You can then lick your finger and begin stroking her clitoris, which can be found above the vagina.

Many people recommend lifting the vaginal hood, so you have direct contact to the clit, although this is recommended be very careful when doing this as many women find it too intense and it can quickly become uncomfortable.

A great piece of advice to gauge whether or not she is enjoying herself is to listen to her breathing. If you're not sure where her sweet spot is, move between her vagina and clit with you tongue and listen to her change in breathing. Once your tongue has reached the perfect destination, don't be afraid to stay in that position for a while.

The Orgasm

Don't begin cunnilingus thinking you have to make her orgasm. Many times what women want in bed is to get to the point of nearing an orgasm, then begin having sex. Often she will orgasm whilst having sex because of the work you put in before hand.

Do you want to know how to make your partner have an orgasm? Visit: What Women Want

Cunnilingus is the best way to make your partner reach a satisfying climax. If you really want to give her a good time then you should definitely learn the techniques that are required.

Do you want to know what women want in the bedroom? Visit: Making Her Orgasm

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The Top 7 Tips To Get A Bigger Penis Size And Make Your Sex Life More Amazing Than Ever

Yes, you can get a bigger penis size and turn your sex life around and make it nothing short of amazing. However, you are going to notice an underlying theme in this article, and if you follow it, then... and only then... will you be able to get that amazing penis size and improve several areas of your sex life (such as lasting long during sex and having killer orgasms). Read on to discover the top 7 tips to grow bigger and enhance your sex life...

1. Ignore anything that is unnatural.

My friend, if you want that adult film star sized penis, and if you want to have the abilities that those adult film stars have (such as lasting long, shooting their load far, producing more ejaculate, having powerful orgasms, etc.), then it is vital that you stick with natural male enhancement.

2. Get yourself a penis exercise guide.

To get the benefits I mentioned above, and to significantly increase the size of your penis, I highly recommend that you get yourself a penis exercise guide and follow the routines in it. Penis exercises are guaranteed effective to make your penis bigger and to get all the benefits I mentioned in #1 above (and even more). The reason this method is so effective in comparison to other methods is because exercising your manhood takes care of enhancing every area of your manhood (the penile chambers, the penile ligament, and the penile muscle), and it also increases blood flow. No other method does all those things together... nor effectively... nor safely... nor permanently.

3. Follow the guide exactly as it is laid out for you.

There really is only one catch with exercising your manhood. And that catch would be that you have to follow these routines to the letter exactly as you are taught in a penis exercise guide. For example, DO NOT try to do the advanced routines until you have done the beginner and intermediate routines. Doing so can cause side-effects, pain, and could actually cause very little growth to occur.

4. Improve your diet and fitness habits.

Penis exercises are very effective and can certainly increase your penis size and enhance your overall sex life. However, if your diet and fitness habits are terrible, then you may not see the results you hoped for. It is important that you are eating healthier foods and exercising at least a few times a week. The reason why is because a healthy diet and consistent fitness will help penis exercises become more effective!

Not to mention, by improving your diet and fitness habits, you of course improve your overall health, and you'll improve the look of your body. What better way to REALLY turn her on than having a healthy and muscular body... with... a huge penis size... and... having the ability to last long and have powerful orgasms?!

5. Decrease stress.

Too much stress can cause a decrease of blood flow to your penile shaft. A loss of blood flow can not only lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence, it can also make penis exercises (or any other enlargement method for that matter) ineffective. Also, stress can mentally cause you to not be able to form an erection! To decrease stress, some of the best things I recommend are deep breathing exercises, stress relieving fitness (such as boxing), aroma therapy, music (either playing or listening), and meditation.

6. Take beneficial supplements.

I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT PENIS PILLS! Enhancement pills do not enhance... period. All those pills do is slightly increase blood flow. If they are proven effective and proven to be safe, then it may good to take them IN CONJUNCTION with penis exercises... but certainly not by themselves. Now, what I do recommend you do to help penis exercises become more effective and to improve your overall health is to take some supplements that will help with increasing blood circulation (such as cayenne, ginger, ginkgo, vitamin E, garlic, and lecithin).

7. Stay consistent!

Exercising your manhood and naturally enhancing your sex life is not a sprint... it's a marathon. This type of penis enlargement is 100% effective and VERY real. Therefore, you must stick with it in order to get those amazing results (such as an increase of up to 4 inches in length, more girth, and a whole lot more).

Bottom line, a bigger manhood is most certainly in your future... IF... you follow those tips above. The underlying theme of everything I talked about above is staying NATURAL... and that's because anything with your body will only respond effectively if it is 100% all natural.

Are you ready to Enlarge Your Penis FAST, grow longer and thicker in weeks, and give your woman SCREAMING orgasms? Well, I highly recommend the Penis Advantage exercise program. This award winning program is safe, effective, permanent, and you can download everything INSTANTLY (no embarrassing stops at a store or packages to receive)! I went from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches in 8 weeks with this powerful program!

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WARNING: This program is EXTREMELY effective, and I highly recommend you stop the program for 48-72 hours if you begin to grow more than an inch in a weeks time.

Sexually Pleasing a Woman

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Which Penis Enhancement Techniques Enlarges Your Erection, Stops Premature Ejaculation, And More?

One thing I realized when I went through my penis enlargement program was that you should never stop at wanting to just enhance one aspect of your manhood. Sure most of us want to increase the length of our erection. But trust me when I tell you that increasing the thickness of your penis, making your erections harder, making your erections look more muscular, and also improving your sexual performance in the bedroom (or wherever the mood strikes... wink wink), is MUCH better than focusing on one improvement. When I say your love life will change... I mean it is going to make a complete 180!

But, as with most awesome things in life, there is a catch...

The catch is that you have to choose the right method for male enhancement if you want to improve ALL areas of your manhood. Tools, pills, and going in for a surgical procedure will not produce all of those results. You would have to combine several of those methods together in order to get the full benefits. Not only will that end up costing you a great deal of money, many of those methods are highly ineffective, and they come with lots of side-effects as well.

So, what would be the best thing to do in order to enlarge your erection (with both length and girth), stop premature ejaculation (plus enhance other sexual abilities), and improve the appearance and health of your manhood?

Well, what I highly recommend based off of research and my own personal experience is exercising your manhood.

Penis exercises are the most effective method around for getting a bigger, healthier, and stronger manhood because of 2 very simple reasons. The routines are natural and the routines are complete.

These exercises are designed by medical and science professionals. This is the only thing that can actually naturally and permanently change the anatomy of your penis. This is because in order for you to grow bigger, your penile chambers must have cell division and tissue breakdown in order for both of them to regrow... stronger and bigger. You also have to naturally stretch out your suspensory ligament (which is what makes you longer).

Penis exercises takes care of those things... plus they also help increase blood flow (which is very important for many reasons) and they strengthen your PC muscle... which enhances many things with your sexual performance (such as lasting longer during sex, having more explosive orgasms, having a more powerful sex drive, and more).

So, with that being said, what are the enhancement techniques within a penis exercise program that will enlarge your erection, cure premature ejaculation, and more?

Well, the routines that takes care of those things are:

1. Massaging routines - These types of exercises are designed to strengthen and enlarge your corpora cavernosa chambers. The routines are fairly simple, very gentle, and very powerful. They are similar to masturbating, but with a whole lot more different movements, positions, and pressure.

2. Stretching routines - These types of exercises are pretty self explanatory. They are designed to lengthen your suspensory ligament (naturally). The exercises can lengthen your ligament by several inches... thus giving you a longer penis. Now, the sound of these exercises makes it seem as if they are painful, but that is certainly not the case.

3. Tensing routines - This type of exercise are PC muscle contractions. The PC (puboccocygeus) muscle controls your urine flow, ejaculate flow, and blood flow to your penile chambers. With this muscle strengthened, you will receive a TON of benefits. Stronger libido, muscular looking erection, a healthier prostate, stronger orgasms, more semen development, and you'll be able to extend how long you last during sex.

With all these different types of exercises combined, you can clearly see how "complete" this method is... and why also many men are making the switch to this method after messing around with unnatural and incomplete methods. I made the switch, and I'm now packing a 7 1/2 inch erection with more girth, more firmness, I can last longer than my wife now (lol), and more. Oh, and the final point I wanted to make about going with a natural method is that whatever results you end up... you keep those results for life... unlike with unnatural and dangerous enhancement products.

Are you ready to Enlarge Your Penis FAST, grow longer and thicker in weeks, and give your woman SCREAMING orgasms? Well, I highly recommend the Penis Advantage exercise program. This award winning program is safe, effective, permanent, and you can download everything INSTANTLY (no embarrassing stops at a store or packages to receive)! I went from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches in 8 weeks with this powerful program!

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WARNING: This program is EXTREMELY effective, and I highly recommend you stop the program for 48-72 hours if you begin to grow more than an inch in a week's time.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why Do We Hold on Tighter When We Should Let Go?

Ever noticed yourself doing that? It's usually triggered when we think we are going to lose something... Like when a relationship starts to show signs of ending. My first marriage got to that point and my husband at the time realised he might lose me, so the tightening began... More "I love you's", more hugs, more spending time with me... more in my space at the time when I needed space the most!

The end of a relationship is never easy for either party but here is the thing, the more you try to hold on, the more you close off the oxygen feeding it. I felt suffocated, trapped and even more guilt because all I wanted to do was run. The more he tried to be with me, the more I wanted to go because it was TOO much. In the end all it did was kill any chance of me reconnecting with him; I didn't have the space to think through things or to miss him because he made sure he was there all the time.

Parents do it with children too, usually when they get to that age... you know, the age where they start to try and be an adult but the parents still think of them as children? Now as parents we know they are just trying to keep them safe, but to the teenager they are just trying to keep them a child and spoil all their fun! So what happens when a teenager has a parent who puts more rules and restrictions on them... they rebel!

The age-old saying of "if you love someone set them free, if they were meant to be yours, they'll come back to you" is more than true in most cases. It's even true while you are IN the relationship. For a relationship to truly thrive both people need to be given the freedom to grow, change, feel, dream, experience and express who they really are. Shut them down or box them in and eventually they will have to get out.

To "let go" is to encourage and support, rather than to demand and rule. Encourage your partner (child/friend/whoever) to experience the new things they express a desire to do; support them in their dreams and aspirations. If they say they want to do something, tell them it's great, to shut them down would be to say "what do you want to do that for?" or "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard" and then to carry on with all reasons YOU think it's a waste of time.

My boss was telling the team just yesterday about his wife wanting to go to a national event and then he ranted on about all the reasons he thought it was pointless and a waste of time and everything else he said to her... my first thought was "the poor woman, she tells him something she feels the need to do and he belittles it" I could just imagine how deflated she would have felt... and I don't know about you but, do you reckon that built stronger foundations in the relationship or just took another chip away from it?

Alright, enough rambling from me... I think you get my point; hold on too tightly to someone and they want to go in the opposite direction, allow them the freedom, and they'll more likely choose to stay with you.

Here's to your relationship and sexual evolution!

Chantelle Austin

Author of The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples, as well as Relationship Coach and Expert for people and relationships that are not exactly "traditional". When it comes to relationships, sex and sexuality, nothing is swept under the rug!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Does Talking Dirty Feel So Awkward at First? How Can You Deal With This?

Most women feel really awkward when they have to try something new in bed - especially if that something new is talking dirty. On the mention of the phrase 'dirty talk', most may think that this is saying anything filthy and abusive when it actually is not. I can tell you with confidence that dirty talk will improve your sex life and relationship in general but first, you have to know what it is and how to do it. Since you are here to find information on how to talk dirty, I will give you a couple of pointers that you will find very beneficial. Here are some of the major causes of awkwardness during sex that you should focus on overcoming.

a) The Good Girl Complex - Most girls assume that to be good in bed means to be subtle and let the man do all work - be a good girl. This is not true. If you have been just lying there during sex, you may not feel the urge to come up and talk dirty but you know deep inside you want to say something - scream what you feel or tell him to do this and this. If you have been acting a good girl and your man seems to be getting bored by the same old routine, effect changes - albeit slowly - and start by telling him what you have in mind such as praising his skills, telling him what to do and the simplest of all - moan.

b) The fear of saying or doing the wrong thing - This is another major problem that most girls face when they want to learn and perfect the art of dirty talking in bed. Since there are no two same people, we all have different preferences and so do men. Unless you try and learn from the mistakes you make, you will never know what turns your man on and what turns him off. My advice - study him over time, even outside the bed. You will get to know the things that he pays close attention to and the flirtation phrases and techniques he likes. These will form the foundation of your dirty talk phrases.

c) Will he think I am nasty, even a slut? - Maybe, but then, sex is all about pleasure, for yourself and your man. Do not shy away from talking dirty just because you want to maintain an image - talking dirty gives him the best of two worlds: the real you and the tigress in bed. When you talk dirty, he will know that you are in seventh heaven and that you are doing something special just for him.

Maya is a dirty girl, and she is sharing some of the best dirty talk tips with you. There however is a lot more you need to know about talking dirty to improve your sex life and relationship. Go to to find professional advice, tips and guidelines on talking dirty.

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